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Pretty Panniers

 photo luciapannier0_zpsa8cb70d3.jpg

I made these a few weeks back, but I'm getting ready to build a gown over them, so I thought I'd show them off. Pretty, yeah? I LOVE THEM!!

 photo luciapannier4_zpsb7bdcdc8.jpg

I used one of the stitches in my machine for a little decorative oomph; I think it turned out rather well! I used a pale peachy pink Floriani embroidery thread.

 photo luciapannier8_zps1ebfec59.jpg

Yes, this was a total STASH BUSTER project. I think I've had this moire bengaline hanging around for 10 years.

 photo luciapannier10_zps85febff3.jpg

The color scheme reminds me of Boucher's Madame Pompadour!

 photo luciapannier5_zps187dd969.jpg

Three rows of ruffled cream raschel lace and three strips of embroidery on the boning channel.

 photo luciapannier6_zpsb2a5af6d.jpg

That's a pocket attached inside. My friend Lucia, whom I am making the gown for, is a performer. I thought she'd like to not keep track of a separate pair of pockets.

 photo luciapannier3_zpsa4af5016.jpg

Here's the pocket pulled out of the barrel. It is attached right at the waistband and hangs inside.  I used a lining to create the slit instead of a binding. Was quicker and easier, plus made the pocket a little more durable.

 photo luciapannier7_zps0c239a19.jpg

 Yep, D-rings and belting again-- my favorite! But, I bought a wimpy cotton belting-- not liking it! Needs to be more stiff to really do a good job.

 photo luciapanniers1_zpse9905b75.jpg

All collapsed down, nice and neat! I love pocket hoops!

 photo luciapanniers2_zps0a4ec4ea.jpg

Upside down so you can see the bottom. I've made enough of these now that I am finally honing my skills and they are getting progressively better... picking up little tricks to get that drum tight! Maybe after 10 more I'll finally get it right.
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