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Yellow Venetian Sleeves: Done!

I am so glad to be done with these sleeves. They took forever! Not because they were hard, but because I have a cold and everything I do feels like I'm doing it in molasses. Ugh, slow slow slow every stitch was an effort. Plus, that whole Christmastime thingamajig. I'm feeling better now and have already moved on to the main bodice, but wanted to show you the sleeves. I think they are so pretty! I love them! I'm really thrilled that these are actually for ME... I always send away everything pretty I make, but this one gets to stay home! *big stupid happy grin*

The panes, inside out and pinked:

Panes right side out:

Trim top-stitched down. 

Playing with the pearls-- which one did I like best?

Found a winning pattern and glued those suckers down. Yeesh, glue. My favorite.

Pattern skipped where the panes will be folded:

The bottoms needed some punctuation, so I added MOAR PEARLS! into a cluster, and then added pear drops. To make them swing and dangle I had to use little jump rings, otherwise they just stuck out there rather stiffly. No one likes a pearl stiffy. Well, maybe not right now anyway. 

I made fake linen puffs behind the panes. I did this for two reasons-- one, I can't stand puffs that don't puff! I don't want to ever think about my puffs not puffing. They should puff and stay puffed with no puffing attention from me at all. And, two, I had linen scraps that I wanted to use that were too small to be anything else. Perfect! Ran them through the serger with a differential feed to squoosh them together a little bit and then sewed them on. 

Ready for paning!

Pane placement marked out with draper's tape:

Sewn down, then folded over and tacked down again:

Connecting to the sleeve head and Voila! Puff Panes with Tabs:

Both ready for lining:

I wish I had larger lace, but NO TIME! Just made do with what I had, a bit of venise lace from Joann's. I used a spray adhesive instead of pins, I wanted it completely fixed in place when I sewed it down.

Top-stitching the lace down, made easy with the spray adhesive. Man, I love that stuff!

Pinning the lining across the top. I used a thin white cotton batiste.

Flipped the top inside out and pressed, and then overlocked down each side and along the cuff:

Ready to make this thing an actual sleeve! All my previous Venetian sleeves were curved and two pieces, like the ones found in Janet Arnold's POF, but I needed something more simple and easy to alter this time around. 

Sewn together and pressing open the seams with a seam roll.

Nice and clean inside, and ready at a moment's notice to be altered smaller or larger with very little effort!

Aw, so pretty!

The whole enchilada:

The pretty lace cuff. Still want it bigger but whatever!

Modeled by yours truly, with the high fashion awkward broken arm pose. 

...and there you have it. Now to get that bodice done so I'm not just another topless cookie with fabulous sleeves. 
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