A Tour of My Sewing Room

Want to see where I sew? Okay!

When we moved into this house, I totally comandeered the "family room" to be my sewing room.  Painted it Tiffany box blue and everything. These photos make it look so stark and cavernous, but it's not, and the color isn't so garish, either... seriously, the color is so much softer to the eye.  I've spent about 15 years morphing it into what you see now, with a big overhaul in 2011. I love it, it's my happy place. Anyway, since I am taking a hiatus from sewing for the summer, it is unusually clean and tidy-- a state of being that is totally foreign.  It usually looks like a tornado hit it, which is why I've never shown it to anyone online before. It feels so weird and big for it to be so clean! It's weird, I tell you!

Here is the view as you walk in--


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Wreath Robe a la Francaise: How it was made


This dress was made for Pam, a lovely lady back east.  She sent me the fabric she wanted her gown to be made from-- and I think it turned out so terrific!  It was an embroidered poly taffeta, and it was very pleasant to work with. The best part was she sent 13 yards, which was juuuuuust  enough! Any less and this gown would have looked very different.  I used up nearly every inch of fabric available!

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Wreath Robe a la Francaise: Underskirt Done!


I have completed the underskirt for the robe a la Francaise I'm building over that pink lacy monster pannier I made a few weeks ago.  The photos really don't convey how enormous this thing is!  It is so gloriously ginormously gigantic, my client will feel like she should be roaming the rooms of Versailles. Well, that is, if she is able to exit her dressing room. The door is likely too small to allow this awesomeness to pass.

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